Sunday, November 11, 2012


I love weekends. But only the good kind of weekends. Not the ones where I am haunted my homework and to-do lists. But the ones where I am anticipating every good thing that is to come, and it keeps getting better and better! Those are the weekends I love. And lucky for me, this happened to be one of those weekends.

Friday after my one class (history with Donna Donald a.k.a the evil teacher) I got to get a good scrubby scrub in of my room.

Then after a coreography sesh I got all dolled up for dinner downtown with Christian (the boyfriend) and his family who was in town. There's nothing as comforting as spending time with family when you've been away at school for awhile.

Saturday was spent at another practice for Christmas Coffee House (crossing fingers that we make it!) and then our last home football game of the season... and of my Junior year. Where is this time going??
 We pulled out a win!
So in celebration we headed over to our favorite mexican place, and enjoyed lots of laughs and way too many chips. Yum. And to end the night Christian and I took advantage of the hotel access (thanks to Mr.& Mrs. G) and spent a good two hours swimming away in the pool while his parents relaxed on the side.
A weekend of sweet memories I don't want to forget :)

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