Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas morning proved to be another beautiful time, and our parents as always were overly generous in every way. And I was quite proud of my gifting ability this year. It's usually not my strong suite, but I think I'm getting better all the same. As you can see, my mom is an incredible decorator. Christmas time is her specialty.

Being apart of a large family gives two options: a lot of fun, or a lot of not-fun. And family dynamics attribute a whole rotten handful to either or. This year was a particularly hard year. I don't usually like to admit when holidays aren't perfect, but here's the thing, what's the use in pretending right? I love these people. Make no doubt about it. To the moon even. But as you can see there are a lot of women under one roof, and feisty happens to be something we're good at. So we may try to forget this night. Or maybe we can laugh about it in a few months. Either way, we'll still love each other through the good, bad, ugly, and feisty. Loving others is not always easy. But it's worth it. And it is Christmas after all ;)


  1. your christmas looked amazing!
    you girls are just gorgeous :)

  2. aw, your christmas looked homey, sweet, and memorable. such amazing decorations, too! happy new year, lovely lady :)

  3. You have a huge family! I do too. My mother recently got remarried, and, including my husband, they now have 7 'kids' between my mother and step-dad! Makes for a chaotic/fun Christmas :)

    1. Yes! Wow, I totally know what that's like :) And like you said, even in all the chaos it's definately more fun than most can say!