Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Oh my goodness you guys! I can't believe over a week has slipped by me. But I have finally found a few minutes to spare to update. So here's the news of why I have been so extraordinarily busy as of late:
It's true. I am in a show this semester! Let me just explain how this all even came to be. I was in "The Phantom of the Opera" my freshman year (as a dancer, of course). The best experience Liberty's theatre department is AH-maze-ing, full of ingenious directors and dripping of students with raw, breathtaking talent.
 Anyways, 17 performances (YES.17 sold out shows, how blessed was I to be apart of that?!) and some unbelievable memories later I decided to get involved with student leadership and chose to take a break from the performing scene. But like always, eventually that itch comes back. The one that makes you crave an empty dance studio. Or the one that tempts you to bring out your pointe shoes just to see if they "still fit." And with my friends randomly encouraging me just to try out and see what happens... I ended up at auditions two weeks ago wondering HOW IN THE WORLD I'd be able to handle a show + second semester of junior year + being an RA. Am I insane? Or am I insane? Either way I was completely giddy to be there. And having old friends run up thrilled to see me there auditioning made it an easy transition. I missed those people. Well I went the easy route showing up to the "dancers only" audition. No singing, no monologues, no resume needed. Brilliant.
Half-way through the Carousel audition I was asked to stay for the Alluvion Stage Company audition. A paid professional position. What???? Then getting ready for those call-backs the Carousel director asked if I would do a reading for him. *Blank face.* My thoughts: Are you crazy?! I am terrified of speaking/acting in front of people. I can sing or dance but do NOT ask me to speak. What I said: Absolutely! I'd love to!
So I left it all out on that stage and gave my best attempt as an actress.

I couldn't sleep that night from excitement and the joy of dancing again with so many people I love! Even if it was just for fun that night it was worth it. Sunday night the cast list was posted in the theater hallway, and I purposely waited a few hours to check so I wouldn't be among the crowd racing in. Secretly afraid of not seeing my name.
It was there though you guys. My name on the Carousel cast list as "Louise." And then I freaked out. I couldn't even blink. What in the WORLD. To top it off my name was on the Alluvion Stage Company list too. Both shows. My heart didn't stop racing for days I tell you.

So I am dancing again. And now... acting? {I get anxiety thinking about how I'm going to pull that one off, but you know what I AM THRILLED. And totally honored}.
But there it is! There is where I have been, in the studio becoming sore and getting callouses and learning music and trying to be an actress. And loving every gosh-darn second of it.


  1. This sounds like a blast!! So excited for you. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. WOW!! That is truly amazing, congrats!