Thursday, March 21, 2013


Throwback to last year when my hair was short. Christian in his element: football. Even if he has to be watching rather than playing ;)
Anyways. This guy turned 21 the other day! I told him it was so much better dating an older guy ;) [I can only say that for a few months before I become 21 myself, so I'm taking advantage of it. Plus he loves it, haha]. Unfortunely it was full of classes, meetings, and papers for him. We tried to make the most of it and grab some pizza and glass coke bottles -his favorite- for lunch. Then he rushed back to the library. Proud of my soon-to-be doctor. He's working SO hard and I love him for it.
I picked him up to try and catch a movie before his evening meetings but we ended up having to leave before the ending. (Life of Pi. Not really sure what I think about it because we spent two longgg hours watching him stranded in the middle of the ocean, so we didn't have time to see his life get better! Worst.)

But truly, Happy Birthday C ! I'm so glad you let me spend it with you again. I am the happiest because of you. And every year I see you becoming a stronger man of the Lord and a more faithful leader. I love you to the moon. Xoxo.


  1. so precious!
    birthdays are so much fun even when filled with classes :)

  2. So glad that you got to enjoy a good, carefree day after the medical drama you've had going on lately. Your post about your mom was touching. So glad that things are going well for you.
    Stay strong!

    the fashionable ESQ

    1. Thank you so so much! It has been a crazy few weeks for sure! Your words are encouraging and I'm excited to finally see a break from everything :)