Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Every year I choose a new bathing suit to be my "Welcome Summer" and "Goodbye School" present. And Target has done it again for me. Loving these two little numbers. The first was my self-given gift ["Thanks Cami!" "You're welks!"], and the second is my winnings from a bet with C.

We tend to try and make things like car rides or bowling games more interesting by betting new clothes or our next dinner out for the winner. It's been a pretty successful thing, I mean I've won some of my favorite shoes this way, ha! This particular instance was in driving home this weekend when I was convinced it took about 20 minutes to get from the gas station we always stop at, back to campus. He knew it had to be only 15. And in fact he was right... but being the unbelievably incredible guy he is [and with some eyelash batting and cuddles on my part] he still let me have my prize! 

Didn't even mind that he was right after all ;) 


  1. Okay so I am totally intrigued by this whole betting deal. It sounds like a wonderful game! My boyfriend and I joke do stuff like that so I would love to try this!
    Also very cute suits!

  2. Cute! I need to find a new swimsuit, haven't bought one in 4 years:(

  3. love the first one! sad we don't have Target in the UK :(