Friday, May 31, 2013


I’m talking about laser hair removal people. Why, oh why did I not remember that I have a very VERY low pain tolerance apparently? Because these ladies swore it was nearly pain-free. “Like a little rubber band flicking you,” they promised. Can I just stop and say, IT WAS NOT LIKE A LITTLE RUBBER BAND FLICKING YOU!!!! It was painful you guys, excruciating in fact. As I gripped the silky cover-up they had me put on I practically ripped out the stitching. Not to mention my uncontrollable shaking from my nerves, the pain, and mostly from the ice packs they had sitting on me to help numb my you know what. 

She did my underarms first. My thoughts were running a little like this “I’m really not sure that I’m going to let her go any lower on my body because if I’m dying over this any other area is going to be so much worse. This can’t be worth it! Can it be worth it?? OH my freak this hurts like a mother” etc, etc. But I was determined, and when I set my heart on something and work hard to pay for something like this I am going through with it even if I bite my lip off from the pain in the process. Because this has to be worth it right?! Well she went there. And it’s that type of thing that’s so painful you can’t even cry you just want to yell and punch something. But I didn’t do either. I just screamed in my head a prayer, fervently and probably more violently than I ever had, ha. GET ME THROUGH THIS. Pretty much the only complete sentence I could logically come up with in that moment.

So during the treatment I was regretting it. Full out regretting it you guys. And my skin is still quite sore. But I’m going back. Obviously I am. I have 6 more treatments left. And I’m just not even gonna get into what that makes me feel knowing I have to go through that 6 more times.

Someone please tell me it gets better?!

---Pleas from the desperate girl who longs for a life free from shaving but is deathly scared of the pain again


  1. Oh my gosh! This is sad and funny:) you have to tell me if it works because I have seriously considered it! I'm sure I would be a baby because I think waxing my you know what hurts a lot:)

  2. Good to know, I am so not going to have this done ever. Hope the others aren't as bad for you.