Tuesday, June 25, 2013


OH MY. How wildly terrible I’ve been about recording my life lately. The business is both riveting and regretful! I wish I wish I wish, I had a few extra moments each day to just rest and reflect on my hours. But right now I just cannot seem to make that happen. I’ve made it to the pool all of once, ONCE this whole summer. And my skin is hating me right now for not being sunkissed and tan. The struggle.

On the upside, I also haven’t had time to write because I’ve been soaking up the time I have with my family and our new little Macie. And that is worth the quietness that’s left on this blog. In other news, C and his family are currently enjoying their butts off in Costa Rica right now [don’t worry, I’ve thoroughly dealt with my jealousy and slight feelings of bitterness for not being invited]. So I know their time will be incredible and I’m SO happy for them. Really. Like, honestly. I’m just trying to convince myself you guys of that ;)

Currently: Finishing up our day at the office then heading to Ikea with the other interns. I love Ikea, and I’ve been giddy about the thought of it all day! I know my apartment is going to enjoy the treasures I pick up. Oo la la.

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