Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I came up with this a few days ago. And as soon as the thought came into my mind I made an executive decision (since I am after all, the executive of my life. second to Jesus. obvi.) to do it. But seriously, I've wanted from New Years Day to make this year THE BEST. And you know what I've realized, some opportunities and great experiences will fall in my lap, and I get to be thankful and excited about those things because it is ahmazeee-zing when that happens! But really though, in the day-to-day that doesn't happen. So if I want this year to be incredible... I have to GO out there and make it the gosh-darnist most fabulous year ever. If I'm feelin' some lemonade I'm going to get lemons, and then squeeze the mother out of them... bottoms up baby.

Ok so now that I'm off my 21 year-old soap box, let me tell you what I'm starting with. Definitely more low key than the kick-butt kinda attitude I was previously exposing. But I truly am excited about the first line of my 2013 bucket list: 22 by 22. I'm going to read 22 books by the time I turn 22. HOLLA. Ok, I know I know. How is that exciting? Well for someone like me who never allows myself the down time to even pick up a book, much less read it, it's a big deal. And a big goal. And I started in June so basically it's 22 books in 6 months. Sound more dramatic now? (Ok wow. That's actually the first time I realized that detail. Crap). Nevertheless, I'm going to make it happen and it's going to feel GREAT. And so far I'm loving it.
So, cheers to you. And bottoms up baby ;)


  1. That's a great goal!!! Good luck! Check out the giveaway on my blog today if you get a chance:)