Monday, August 5, 2013


Taken from the crinkled up notebook paper I scribbled my thoughts down on during She Speaks last weekend...
"You guys. What a whirlwind of a week. Days have never gone so quickly but felt so long. In the best way though, if that makes sense? Monday and Tuesday the office was in an uproar to pack up and finish last minute details before the conference. Wednesday the entire P31 Team flew/drove in for a meeting before we headed to the hotel in Concord to set-up. Pom-pom fluffing, table setting, and a lot of tired feet and eyes later, we were ready. Ready and expectant.
And I could talk for days about how much I've learned, how inspired I left from the sessions, and how many incredible conversations being a P31 intern has allowed me to have with both attendees and the influential leaders here. But mostly, I have a lot of questions. Questions that I didn't even know I needed to be asking. Like, what is my God-sized dream? When I write, who is that one girl that I'm trying to reach? Am I even a writer? Am I speaker? Am I neither of those and something entirely different? I'm not sure. And my future is so unknown. But I'm excited, because my adventures are just beginning... and before I get going I'm gonna stop myself right here and say that this is a topic for a whole nother time :)
So in all the chaos and excitement, one of the best times really comes in the evening. When the interns have gone 110% all day and logical thinking is nonexistent by 9pm. THAT is when the fun drives in and parks itself til' morning. All we want to do is sleep but the laughter is contagious and suddenly every word, move, and person is like prime-time comedy central. I die. Over and over and over again. These girls >>>. They know how to make me laugh. #SWERVE"
So I left exhausted, but I left just as filled as I was drained. With the energy of the women, the unbelievable wisdom from the speakers, and the undeniable presence of the Lord... it was impossible to leave without gaining something precious. We expected Him to move in incredible ways. And He did, the way He always does.

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