Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I’m not sure that it’s possible to confine my whole summer at Proverbs 31 Ministries into one post, giving it the precious attention, admiration, and gratitude it deserves. But I want to try, so that in the last few hours here as an “intern” I can attempt to reach through the glare of cyberspace and share this place with you, and its impact on my life.
"What are your takeaways?" is a common phrase used here in the culture of P31. (A packed question for sure, but essentially it's asking what it is that most stood out to us or impressed itself on our hearts). Well we've had incredible teachings, conversations, and opportunities to interact with some extraordinarily wise women this summer, so needless to say...I've had countless takeaways in the past few months. And in honor of that P31 question, here are my 4 biggest takeaways from being an intern here at Proverbs 31 Ministries:
1. Young Wisdom
The women here are incredible. I knew they would be, but the more I get to know them the more I respect and admire their faithfulness. They exemplify true godliness, and love us and encourage us 'til we're overflowing. Something I've learned from them, is that not only do they allow my opinions (sometimes naïve or unknowing as they may be), but they in fact value them and seek them out! My voice is welcomed for a fresh perspective, and acknowledged as needed. The confidence they place in us has spurred me to step-up and realize that the Lord can use me now. I am young, but I am able because Christ is in me and has given me something worthwhile to offer.
2. Read God's Word -> Find God's Will
One morning we walked into the conference room to fresh coffee, breakfast, and the warm welcome of Wendy Blight. She inspired us by her testimony, but more than that she ignited in me a new desire for the Word of God. Her message was simple: pray, listen, and read. And for 4 college girls who are desperate to know what God's will is for our life, we needed to know that He will show us. And we needed the sure promise that if we read the Bible, we will find it.
3. Immeasurably More
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us," Ephesians 3:20. This verse is weaved into the life of this ministry and I have seen it come to fruition over and over and over again here. The Lord's favor is on this place, and I am humbled to experience it. And because of this, in preparing myself to go back to school I have this glorious confidence that God is waiting to do "immeasurably more" in me. Even though the unknown is scary and the next few years of my life make me feel like I'm stepping off a cliff and hoping to be able to fly... I trust Him. I trust Him. Because I have seen Him provide and be faithful in the lives of these women and this ministry. I trust Him.
4. Radical Obedience
If I could sum up my whole summer in one way, it would be this: Radical obedience. Every woman here has a different story that brings the Father SO much glory because of their obedience to follow Him. Every woman here has said "yes" to God, and they are now impacting thousands for the cause of Christ. And now, it's my turn. I don't have a specific direction or calling yet that God has placed on my heart, but I know one thing- I was made to be obedient. So that I may bring glory to the Lord and be filled with His infinite joy. Meredith Brock said it best, "My calling is to be obedient."

I hope I broke the impersonal barriers of the internet a little bit and made you feel invited to experience the rawness and realness of this office that I get to be in every day. And as I sit for one of the last times behind my little white desk, I can be honest and tell you I am seeking to be radically obedient. I am looking to say "yes," and I am excited for Jesus to do "immeasurably more," in me. All because of my time here at Proverbs 31 Ministries. 
To end my longestblogpostever... I wanted to give a quick s/o to my supervisor Nicki! She is such an encourager and challenges me both professionally and spiritually. I love her.
And check out the Blog Hop "Intern Edition" from the other interns Anna, Kaitlin, and Lexie! I've mentioned them multiple times over the summer because, let's be honest, I adore their hearts and their ability to bring fun and laughter everywhere we go. I love them. I mean I won't cry or anything (sorry Kaitlin), but I'll miss them SO much ;)

And lastly, a few captured moments...
Chick-Fil-A days = our favorite days
The beautiful office ladies
Code Orange Underground to see Joyce Meyers
Serving with Elevation's LOVE Week at Blessed Assurance Care

She Speaks!
Thank you ladies of P31 Ministries, you are all life-changers and I LOVE you!


  1. Thank you for sharing with us today! I love the message to Pray, Listen, and Read!

  2. Thanks for sharing, love the pray, listen and read. It really is that simple! I don't think I've ever considered being "obedient" before this study because for young women today that seems like a bad thing to be. But my heart and soul are longing to say YES, to know and follow my savior, and experience the life he has planned for me and my little family.

  3. Camryn,

    You might not cry, but I will!!!! I love your post and your love for God and Proverbs 31 Ministries. We in the office were so blessed to have you here all summer long and will miss you terribly!

    Thank you for sharing your take-aways from your internship with Proverbs 31. As I read them, a fresh perspective of gratitude came over me because I get to work here everyday doing what I love so much in Online Bible Studies. Very thankful that you were here as an intern this summer. It's been the best summer ever at P31 and the interns were a big part of that. Gonna miss you like crazy!

    Excited to see where God takes you sweet Camryn! I know He has great plans for you!

    Thank you for being a part of the OBS blog hop! Come back and post here any time!

  4. I love the posts this week by all the interns. You all sound like you have learned so much this summer. I have enjoyed the glimpse behind the scenes and I love how you have learned about saying #YestoGod and want to follow Him to radical obedience. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and experience!!

    Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader)

  5. Camryn, loved your post! I like the thought of asking ourselves, "What are my takeaways?" Excellent way to really focus on what it is we are really doing. I plan to ask myself that same question with each OBS. Thank you for sharing your heart and thank you for sharing the pics. They made me smile. :-) Lori K (OBS Group Leader)

  6. Thanks for sharing :) May you continue to seek God with all your heart and obey him radically!

  7. Camryn, you girls have brought freshness and new life to our office. Each one of you a blessing and a gift from the Lord...truly answered prayer. I love that what you carried away most was "radical obedience" because every time we see radical obedience in the Bible, God worked and did amazing things through the lives of those who did obeyed this way. I cannot wait to see what God does in and through your beautiful obedient heart!! Remember, sweet girl, blessings always follow obedience!!!

    Sweet Blessings to you,


  8. Camryn, thanks so much for sharing your experience at Proverbs 31. Sounds like you all just have an amazing and blessed time. God bless you as you step out in faith and find the niche in the world that He has planned for you! Looks to me like He gave you an awesome head start.

    Trish (OBS small group leader)

  9. Thank you for sharing your "take aways". I love the pray, listen and read!

  10. Oh, my, goodness. You are so sweet! Love the pics. Thanks for sharing your P31 experience. And you are exactly right... you can do things for Christ, even as a young lady. As I tell my 10 year old, you are not tomorrow's church. You are today's... and what you've taught us, about radical obedience, shines through. Prayers for you as you continue on your journey!
    Lauren, P31 OBS Small Group Leader

  11. Camryn,
    Thank you, thank you for sharing these takeaways! And I LOVE all the pics! What an incredible opportunity God has given you this summer. I am certain it is just the beginning of the places He will take you as you continue seeking Him with your whole heart. You are right...we are made for obedience. It isn't just something to do but it's our love response to our Father. And our greatest blessings are found in our obedience. Blessings and grace for whatever doors you find opening before you. So honored that you linked up with the blog hop today! Hugs~Shelly (OBS Team Leader/Blog Hop Coordinator)

  12. I do believe there is a new book in the works "Pray, Listen and Read". I will diffently buy it. Loved peeking into P31 office through your pictures. As a young women you have showed us what it is to be obedient to God and what joy there is in it. May your next journey with God be just as exciting. Blessings to you Camryn. (Small OBS Group Leader)

  13. You pretty much summed it up!!! Following you viz the blog hop! Hope you can follow me as well! =)

  14. Wow what an awesome experience you have had! You will fly! And if you don't right away God will catch you and put you right back on the ledge for you to try again :) He is forever faithful:)

  15. Camryn, thank you for sharing your blog and your takeaways. It sounds like a glorious summer and your life is forever changed! Keep clinging to Jesus! Praying for you as you pray, listen, and read!

  16. It is great to hear that the women of Proverbs 31 are practicing what they are preaching.

  17. Camryn,
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us through the OBS. I'm so glad you said YES and gave God a chance to work through you at Proverbs31 Ministries. Thank you, also, for giving us such a great peek behind the scenes at the fun y'all had!

  18. Sooooo glad you were with us this summer! Keep running hard after Jesus!