Wednesday, October 30, 2013


If you know anything about Christian, you know he is a passionate, adventurous, full of life kind of guy. He has THE most genuine heart I know, and his love for others is only ever selfless. He is the best person I know. 100%. Even knowing his flaws.
So along with that energetic-dreamer personality comes these big ideas about the future. Big dreams and big goals. Always. It is one of the things I love about him, because where he dreams I am realistic, and where he lives without thinking ahead I.need.a.plan. #weneedeachotherclearly
In this season of life, post-graduation is obviously on both of our minds. What in the world are we going to do when we aren't in college anymore?!? *heart palpitations ensue* So Christian is a pre-med student, preparing to go into dentistry school and a few weeks ago he told me he had been thinking about joining the army as a dentist. WUT. I laughed and then said WUT? Then later he said he was thinking the best thing he could possibly do in his gap year before med-school is go on a road trip across the country with his friends. Like I said, he dreams big.
Then today we were at lunch, and he says that there is a 9-month long Bible school he'd like to do in the months before med-school. Don't get me wrong, I really couldn't want anything more than for him to be seeking after the Lord first and foremost. But in my mind, I see his college debt + four or more years of med-school. And we need to be working and saving before he goes to school again, otherwise what will we live on? And where in all this am I btw????
I get my feist on. And he laughs as I become flustered and defensive as I see my little life map being torn. So, we let it go. And he gives in knowing in fact I'm right after all ;) And we open our fortune cookies.
C's: You have a great sense of humor and love to have a good time.
Mine: You are ready to tackle any problem that comes your way.
Not even kidding you guys.

Thanks for letting me be real here for a second. But in all honesty, the best part of all of this and all of our craziness is that I love him fully still. Even as he says things that crash my cookie-cutter future I love him. And when he feels like I don't always admire his dreaming, he loves me. Because I love him more than my plans, and he loves me more than his big ideas. So we let it all go, and put the other first.



  1. Aw! I totaly relate girl! My boyfriend could up and do something in a second while I need to know the plan and what is going to happen next. We both clearly need each other as well. I relate and you are not alone! It has been a huge growing thing for the both of us. Yet, it does help to talk it out and be on the same page! I hope you get a small plan that is subject to change for your boyfriend ;)

    1. Mariah! So good to hear from someone who knows exactly what it's like :) Thank you for your sweet words!

  2. Oh man! Life post college is exciting and scary all rolled into one! But it's such a unique time in your life to really go for it! Before long you'll have a mortgage and a family and being spontaneous will be much harder!! Good luck!! :)

    1. You're so right! It's a unique time and it's been the best time so far, so I definitely want to take advantage of it all :) Thanks Natasha for your wise words!