Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It's OFFICIAL. I'm living in the post-grad days, and it's still mostly surreal. The weekend was such a whirlwind, balancing four performances with baccalaureate, graduation, and all of my family in town but it ended up being so much fun. Graduation day felt like a dream [maybe because I was running on 4-hours of sleep], but really because you're sitting on the field with thousands of other students and just like that you're "graduated." Next to my freshman roommates and closest friends, it kind of seemed perfect. Also, not to mention the fact that I get there and my phone is blowing up with texts, tweets, and photos because my face was on the cover of the graduation magazine. Over 20,000 copies of my face, laid out on every seat. LIKE COULD YOU DIE? I mean if you know me you know that whether I knew it or not this was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me LOL. It was half the weirdest most bizarre feeling and the most exciting thing. The stares were for real. And I laugh thinking about it because I couldn't have imagined up something like this. My one day of fame. And you know I'll be telling my grandchildren when they ask about the magazine framed on the wall. Ok I'm kidding, it won't be on the wall. I'll put it over the fireplace.

 Cheers to the Class of 2014!