Friday, November 23, 2012


A whole lot of good people and good food gathered at my house yesterday. Hayden woke me up to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the four of us girls cuddled up on the couch with breakfast and coffee. Of course we had to watch the dog show after, it's the best part of the morning! Always makes us itch to get a new puppy, but the rents never seem to agree with us. Plus, we still have Truffles to love on even with his heart murmur, ear tumor, cataract, and warts.... gosh we sound like terrible pet owners.
Olivia joined us with her boyfriend, and then came Grams, Gramps, and the Lindholm side of the fam. Me and the girls have decided I'll probably have the host home when we grow up and spend holidays together. We've actually divided up who will bring what dish. I think we get ahead of ourselves about the future, but I love the fact that we love being together and anticipate every year to revolve around family time. I'm thankful for that. And being in the spirit, what better way to end the Thanksgiving season (to get ready for Christmas of course) then to list a few things I'm thankful for this year!
- spending my summer in Greenville, NC interning with Grace Church (I met some of the most incredible people, and can't even express how much I grew from working there)
-being able to attend Liberty University
- my leadership team, hall, and the opportunity to be an RA
- my grandparents letting me use their van to take to school, I try and rock it
- living on east and having the luxury of a kitchen and washer and drier!!!
- dr. pepper (of course)
- and the fact that I've learned to really enjoy and appreciate coffee
-spending a weekend in West Virginia at the Greenbrier with my girls
- getting to be in Christmas Coffee House again this year!
- my sweet friends
- the love of my life
- and my incredible family
Such a blessed girl.