Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Home sweet home!
There really is nothing like coming back to Charlotte. Growing up I resented having to consider myself a "Southern Belle," desperately clinging on to those first two years of life on the West Coast as an excuse to call myself a Cali girl. But, moving a few hours away and starting a life apart from family really brings things into perspective. I absolutely love North Carolina! And I didn't even know it until I left. Typical. Regardless here I am, appreciating every minute of this Thanksgiving break with friends, family, and really good food. I couldn't escape fast enough from Lynchburg (I love college, but let me tell you, a week with no responsibilities of school or RA duties = a refreshing piece of heaven). Catching up with one of my bestest friends, dancing in the annual Bethlehem Marketplace, seeing the last Twilight movie - which by the way was a load of bologna, with cheese on top- welcoming the chance to be back at Elevation, staying up way too late, and exterminating our house for fleas (LOL)...
Yep. It's good to be home :)
Mama's cooking
Special trips to Starbucks
Elevation Church
And of course there was shopping!

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