Friday, January 11, 2013


The end of our Senior year of high school, it became clear that Christian and I were looking at a long distance relationship as we began making plans for college. He had been scouted by a handful of really great schools to play football and I already had my heart set on Liberty. With the distance, money, and other tough circumstances there was no way he could come to Liberty with me and that was an incredibly tough realization. But we decided to make the most of our summer together. And all the while I was secretly documenting and compiling it all together for a "going away" present for him! I watch this video every once in awhile and can't help but smile (I mean take a look at those abs, am I right!?) But truly. It's because I sit here and know how far we've come since then. I know how much more he loves me since then. And not to mention the fact that we look like SUCH babies! I had a bad case of bangs, and he had dad-glasses. But on the upside, our tans were seriously bangin'.

Btw, just so you know how the story ends... C didn't end up playing football and instead is studying Pre-Med. And he ended up here with me at Liberty Sophomore year. And I thank the Lord everyday for that :)


  1. So jealous you and your boo are at school together! Ive been in a LDR for 2 years now, and probably the next two as well haha. Love the video!


  2. This video is adorable!! What a fantastic memory.


  3. Cutest. Thing. Ever!
    Awww, I'm just melting all over the place watching this adorable cuteness :D
    So glad your story is having a happy ending!
    Haha, I love how real you are on this blog. Its so refreshing and I love reading your posts (alright, so I might've blog-stalked you a bit...hehe)
    Count me as a new follower girl :)

    Trendy Teal