Friday, February 8, 2013


From Sunday Brunch.

Aren't they? For one, I have no classes. Cheers to that. And for another it means that tonight -after a meeting-after a costume fitting-after work-after practice- I FINALLY get to see my handsome. We're going contra dancing you guys. Apparently it's a mix between square dancing and...something else? Laughing. [That's what I see when I picture the two of us attempting this silliness. And I really can't wait.]

On another note, Valentine's Day is coming!!!! And I have dress rehearsal. Yep.

Me: Christian I have dress rehearsal that night... *pouty face*
C: Then I guess you won't be my Valentine. *crossing arms*
Me: Mmmm *my puppy whine/baby face that he's grown familiar to and somehow still makes him melt*
C: I'm just kidding boo! *laughing* You'll always be my Valentine. I want you to be my Valentine forever and ever. *kissing my hand*

And then I'm a puddle. Mesmerized by his goodness.


  1. Thank goodness its Friday!!! Happy weekend! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. He sounds wonderful! My hubby and I are also no spending v-day together. He has a midterm the next day, so unfortunately he'll be in the library all evening! And I'm jealous you don't have class on Fridays!