Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Excuse the terrible quality... and the sleepy eye. It's running on negative hours right now. Poor little thing.

This is what my nightlife looks like as of the last two weeks. Costumes, makeup, hairspray clogging lungs, mic checks, warm-ups, singing, and dancing my heart out. From 5:30PM to midnight people. Every night. And I love every single second. All the talent running around just leaves me speechless, and I get to be apart of it. Insane you guys. I will say though, my body aches in all sorts of ways and my sleep patterns are awful. Plus my dance partner has strep throat... "Are you contagious Michael?" "Well... let's just say you should definitely just wash your hands. And don't touch your face." Ok. I'll take that as a yes. Holy Moley. But only 2 more days you guys! Only 2 days til opening night!!! And I have been overwhelmed by the blessing of this show. By the people by the opportunity to dance again. I am so thankful and I wake up every day SO excited for the incredible adventures my days hold. Praise the Lord for this precious life of mine.


  1. This looks so fun! Thanks so much for stopping by Comfy Cozy Couture!! XoXo