Friday, April 12, 2013


A tree at the church where I pick Cooper up from preschool. It was basically screaming "I'm here to show you Spring has come!" Thanks little guy.

- Diligently and fearlessly running on the treadmill only to trip over my own feet and almost have a disaster of a fall. A big thanks to my faithful hands for catching the handles in time and another thanks to my treadmill neighbor for mouthing to me secretly "are you OK???" My dignity was not, and my blushing face was definitely not. But I'm alive. So, cheers.
-Walking into a two stall bathroom only to push open the stall door that had a girl sitting on the toilet doin' her thang. She shrieked, and I of course am laughing and apologizing immensely to which her response was only a VERY angry grunt. Ok girl, chill out. It's not as if I actually wanted to open your door with you on the toilet. Geesh.
- Driving back from the East Clubhouse to my dorm and all these boys are pointing and waving at me. I mean I was feeling supah cool with my windows down, sunnies on, and Ke$ha blaring but I couldn't help but feel sorry for them since I'm taken. And then one runs up to my window to tell me I have food on top of my car... oh right... the food I just bought at the Clubhouse. Thanks boys... [who do I think I am?!]
- Having a dream last night that Josh Hutcherson saved me from a war-zone in a hotel, and to comfort me he played the guitar and we sang hymns. Not sure where he or any of that randomness came from but hey, it wasn't the worst dream ever. Ha.

- Having a Tuesday lunch date outside at Chipotle with C. I felt spoiled rotten.
- The two books coming from my internship so I can get a head start on the reading. Can't wait to park myself at Starbucks and soak those pages right up.
- Going to the opening show of Tarzan tonight!!! I'ts gonna be hard to sit there without dying not being on stage, but I'm excited to support some of my favorite peeps. It's going to be incredible.
- My phone having a weird glitch that always brings up my Summer countdown. I think it's itching for break just like me. 29 days lovlies.
- My new aviator sunnies.
- The text for the date of our apartment lease signing! A major HOLLA right there.



  1. Totally love your funnies!! I am so clumsy and that sounded like something I would do! As well as the car thing. I have broken many a coffee tumblr from driving away with it still up there.


    1. Ah! How is it that our minds leave us like that?! Ha!

  2. hahaha love your funnies ! I think things like this are totally fun, they make life worth it ! I cant stop laughing about the bathroom one !

    1. It's true :) Haha that was a laugh, for sure!