Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've been debating for some time now if I want to try it. And it's been years since I've done any coloring or highlighting to my hair and I'm itching for a little va-va-voom if ya know what I mean. I'm just a little nervy because ombre can go really really wrong... but if it's done right I find it absolutely beautiful. So now that my hair is finally getting long (holla! and thank you to my obsession of a shampoo who gets all the credit for my lengthening locks) I think I could pull it off. I'm making an appointment for two weeks from now to make myself decide by then.

Oh, the joyous and utmost important decisions a girl has to make on the daily. It's downright fabulous if I do say so myself ;)

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  1. I personally love how it looks. I want to do it also, even though I'm obviously late to the party on this.

    The Fashionable ESQ., (Esquire)

  2. I tried to do it myself and it turned out awful, but if you are willing to pay for it and make it look wonderful I find it totally amazing!!

  3. Go for it, I think you'd look great with ombre! I would want to so bad if I weren't growing out bangs and the main fact being that I am a hair dye virgin! Oh if I had the nerve to dye I'd so be ombre:)

  4. do it! i love the look of ombre hair
    i had for a little time last year before i chopped off my hair and i loved it
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  5. I love ombre... I got mine done not too long ago and I'm in love with it! It's a perfect change for summer I think. Thanks for checking out my blog! I am your newest follower on Bloglovin and can't wait to see your upcoming posts! Follow me back at


  6. you should definitely go for it!!!:) it will look gorgeous!

  7. Do it do it do it! Ombre is beautiful. I think if you ask to have the ombre begin quite high - somewhere around your eye/cheekbone, at least on the hair around the front of your face, it will really make your complexion radiant and eyes glisten.

    Looking forward to seeing your post if you end up going for it!
    Flora. x