Monday, May 6, 2013


Running on about three hours of sleep I rolled out of bed to glam up for our big presentation today. I had to turn a paper in at 8am first, and at 7:57am I realized it was going to be a hop in the car rush and RUN to class to make it under the ten minutes late mark. How does that happen when you plan ahead and get up extra early?! Well it's me, and I'm fashionably late as much as anyone can be. So, oopsies ;)

Then hurrying to take my car back to my dorm so I wouldn't get towed, I walked through drenchburg/freezing weather to finish an online assignment, grab some coffee, and prepare for our ultimate life-changing incredibly stressful final presentation. On pins and needles people. All semester our team worked on the creation of a magazine, and today we presented our concepts, designs, promotional and marketing strategies, as well as our first born children (ok maybe a little bit dramatic... but not by much), to a panel of reputable judges.

Long story short- we pulled out a bangin presentation, a stellar magazine, and positive feedback from every judge! Which led to our team winning the "Shark Tank," and receiving a scholarship to submit our magazine to the ADDY Awards this fall!

And on that note, I am a officially SENIOR STATUS.


  1. Congrats! Your hard work payed off. :)

  2. Yay! I do the same thing with running late, I can't for the life of me get out of the house on time. Jeremy had his last presentation of graduate school today, yay for school almost being out!!

  3. Randomly found your blog and I love it! Would you like to exchange links?