Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Intern lunches have consistently progressed in both fun and relief from a crazy workday. And workdays have reallyyyy been more cray cray than normal around here, seeing as our She Speaks conference is NEXT WEEK. Yea. Exactly. So having sweet girls to call my friends here has been a life savor. Today we sat outside "Which Wich?" (the sandwich shop downtown that's become a favorite of ours), next to a busy street in downtown enjoying the sunshine and the 30 minutes of freedom. And then my friend got a text asking for prayer. So we stopped. And we prayed. As cars rushed by and conversations went on around us, we sought the presence of Jesus on that little patio and uplifted a precious girl who needs to know she is fervently loved and pursued by her Creator.

And my heart was full. I didn't even realize how desperate I was for that community of prayer until then. I am lavishly spoiled during the school year with sisters who spur me on towards Jesus, and who stop at a moments notice to be with me, to let me cry, and to pray over me. I am drenched in this Godly fellowship at school, every night having a church service, a small group, or an accountability to be a part of. I've missed it incredibly, and didn't' even know it.
So this moment with my new friends was life-giving. And I am reminded how immensely thankful I am for the gift of friendship that is based and sustained by the grace of Jesus. Such a glimpse of glory.

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  1. This is so sweet. I remember feeling that exact same way in the summer while I was in college. It is such a sweet time to be surrounded by other godly women daily. I still miss that sometimes!!