Wednesday, July 10, 2013


There is nothing more freeing than being confident in the plans and works of the Savior. As a weak and dependent daughter of God I need the reassurance that no matter what my future holds He is faithful and good. Always good. So as I seek to surrender, and delight in His ways I can fully believe that He is working all things together for my good. What beauty I find in the gentle whispers of His grace, spurring me on towards future glories for the sake of His kingdom. I fall to my knees in light of recognizing His steadfast advocacy for my soul.
I've been challenged this summer in a lot of ways, coming to some difficult realizations about myself and my life. But in the struggle of walking through what feels like just a lot of mud (dirty, heavy, burdensome mud), I've been inspired and uplifted by the truth of His Word. I've had to let go and say, "I want more than this life, I'm tired of feeling like I'm waiting and wasting this time... I want something greater."
I want the life-altering understanding that God is ready to accomplish
a greatness in my life that is entirely out of human reach --beyond anything I
see in myself on my best day, but exactly what God has seen in me all along.
- Pastor Steven Furtick
And then our gracious God cups my face in His nail-scarred hands & says, “My child, you don’t have to live that way anymore. You are free.” #1Peter
Joyously clinging to the truth in THIS song today. Such a good listen.


  1. Thank you for this message!
    God Bless!
    Philippians 1:6

  2. Such an awesome truth that we all need to remember! I actually wrote about something similar on my blog today, but I love your perspective! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! As a follower its so good to be reminded how great his love is for us and that he'll never leave our side. Stay strong and never loose faith in him for we are saved by faith...

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for that encouraging truth Vicky :)