Wednesday, December 4, 2013


My computer broke. So I was living for two weeks before Thanksgiving break borrowing my roomies computer for the sole purpose of watching Grey's Anatomy... Also I was consumed with preparing for dance auditions for the Spring show of Mary Poppins (with Alluvian Stage Company, a real company... and it's PAID people). And then Thanksgiving break came and all I could do was spend time with my family, because, well you know how I am when I'm at home. No one and nothing else exists except my sisters, Macie, and my precious parents. My favorite little world :)

Now for some update news:
- I got a job!!! And incredible full-time Nanny position starting in January. So while I finish a few classes up online I'll get to be spending my days with a 2-month old little girl. I couldn't be more excited, it's an incredible gig. (And now I feel like my Mom, calling my job a gig...)
- I got into Mary Poppins! This whole semester this is all I've been training for and hoping for a dreaming about. Dancing with an incredible cast, under a brilliant director, and a choreographer straight off Broadway. I'M DREAMING. Also, it's paid. I mean I'm getting paid to do what I love. Isn't that what people say is a dream job?
- Hayden is coming to Liberty. HAYDEN IS COMING TO LIBERTY. She's transferring up here next semester, and like I've prayed for and hoped this whole time she is finally going to be here going. We get to be at the same school again and I'm giddy over it. The only thing ever that this place lacks is my family (and a decent shopping mall...), but now that she will be here I'll have another piece of my heart with me.

So I'll be crazy busy. Working til' 5 everyday, then practice every night 6-10 plus all day weekend rehearsals. But, it's all I want to be doing. I'm so thankful. And maybe because it's Christmastime and I'm starting to get all sentimental, but HOLY MOLY I'm beyond blessed. And loving this life of mine. This semester has been one of the best. So the fact that next semester is going to be even better is blowing my mind.


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