Friday, November 8, 2013



- We all know I'm a Starbucks girl, and sometimes if it's in the afternoon and I need a sweet treat I get a Frappuccino. A peppermint mocha frap. And yesterday they happened to drizzle the top with chocolate and some of it ended up on the dome lid, as per usual. I drank and was merry as I walked through campus to the bus stop. I made my way to the back of the bus and I look down to see chocolate. In my hair. Chocolate sauce on my ombre. But the problem came when I couldn't decide if it would be more obvious to just leave it there, or to you know, lick it out? I had no napkins people. After a few moments I decided that it was definitely best to eat it. So I looked around, and waited for my opportunity. Then I conspicuously wiped the chocolate tablespoon out of my hair and licked it right up. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do am I right?
- My roomie Victoria has started this new thing where she makes up these ridiculous clichés. The trick is that they sound close enough to making sense that people might buy them, but in actuality they are a load of meaningless words strung together to sound profound. And we laugh uncontrollably at these "brilliant" cliché creations, and then we're all talking in clichés and everything I do and see and read becomes something I can turn into a silly phrase. For example: "Magic is only real if you know it. Besides, it might be the last time you get to." or "Live the life you love, or hate what you can't do." If you get the humor in this, *double fist pump to the chest and a peace sign* to you.
- Also the fact that I'm basically crying every night because it's dark by 5. It's not funny though, it's more like really reallyyyy depressing.


-THOSE PUMPKINS THOUGH! It took me awhile to finally get myself to doing anything with them. But I'm obsessed with how they turned out. All that's glitter is gold, after all. (See what I did there? Cliché).
-The fact that it's Friday and I've been in my jamies all day. Even had friends over. But there is something wonderful about not having to be anywhere until 8pm.
- We're planning our Christmas Coffeehouse dance! Fingers crossed.
- The fact that it's exactly 14-days until Thanksgiving break. Praise!
- Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman. It's thoroughly exposing my weaknesses right now, and it's exactly the sanctifying thing I've been praying for. Jesus is good. He's faithful to minister to this little, ever dependent heart of mine.

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