Saturday, December 7, 2013


So a little late I know, but I didn't want to skip this post. This Thanksgiving break was my favorite one ever I think. Not just refreshing but full of people that I love. I came back overflowing. I got to spend two days straight Christmas shopping with my Mom, and it was some incredibly sweet QT. I love her. Then Bethlehem Marketplace, dancing with my best friend and catching up on her newlywed life. And then long days baking and cooking for Thursday.

It was quieter this year. My cousins are in school in Texas so my Aunt and Uncle went down to them. But my Grandparents and other Uncle were there, our neighbors, friends, and two young Israeli guys that my Mom met at the mall who had no place to go for Thanksgiving. She's famous for inviting guests like that. But in honesty they were the most fun of the night! And their excitement for experiencing an American Thanksgiving was precious.

I love my family. Every year I'm more and more thankful for them, recognizing the incredible closeness we share. It's special, and I know it's unique. Which is why out of the countless blessings I've been given, and the miracle that my Mom is alive and well (her story), right now in this time... I am MOST thankful for my family.

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