Sunday, December 8, 2013


Step 1: Sleep in til' Noon.
Step 2: Watch some Grey's while having breakfast.
Step 3: Have really good intentions of going to the Computer Lab on campus to get some design work done.
Step 4: Let two hours pass.
Step 5: Realize there was an ice storm last night and your car may or may not be frozen over.
Step 6: Debate whether it's worth it to brave going outside. Because really all you want is Starbucks. I mean you have coffee, but it's "eh" and what you really need is real espresso with real foam in a red cheery cup.
Step 7: Caffeine headache gives you the adrenaline to get bundled up and try to get into your car.
Step 8: Run back and forth bringing pitchers of hot water down to melt the ice from the windshield and windows.
Step 9: Make the trip to Starbucks and don't even pretend like you were going to go to the C-lab in the end anyways because once you left your bed all you wanted was to be back in it. Because it's one of those days.
Step 10: Come back in incredibly high spirits from blasting Christmas music in the car and watch more Grey's while you sip your Cappuccino and knit.

And then probably stay here for the rest of the night. You're welcome.

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