Sunday, January 5, 2014


My favorite dates are the road trip ones. Where I have C all to myself. I don't mask the fact that I'm a total quality-time girl (sometimes I think it may be my only love language, but that's another situation in itself). So in celebration of our 4-years together, we spent the day in one of my favorite cities ever: Greenville, SC.

It was overcast but the weather was beautiful. And from the moment I woke up I think I was just full of being 100% in love. So everything we did was my new favorite thing. Walking the streets, meandering into the boutiques, comparing every restaurant menu to choose our top dinner choice. An outdoor ice-rink was at the center of the city, so it was more than picture perfect to be skating under Christmas lights with my hand clasped in his. I loved it all. And of course, before we could say goodnight we drove through McAdenville... because I mean that's where he smiled at me 4 years ago and found the courage to ask me to be his.

Christian, every day I love you more. You are selfless, strong, and genuine. I know Jesus more because of you. And your constant pursuit of my heart even now makes loving you the greatest gift I know. Spend 4 x 4 x 4 x infinity years more with me.


your little one.


  1. Aw! That looks so fun! I am a quality time girl myself!