Friday, December 13, 2013


(One of the best things about the Holiday's are the little pop-up shops that come around once a year to sell trees. I love them. Even though we've almost always used our "artificial beauties", so I've never really had the experience of picking out a tree before. I love them).

Finals are OVER my friends. And this year, there were no all-nighters or last minute cram seshes. This year was a piece of cake. Actually better. It was a piece of cookie dough cheesecake with whip cream. Because when you overload yourself with 18+ credits every semester until now. Senior year is a little bit like a party... twenty-four-seven.
So, I'm home now. Enjoying my last full Christmas break as a college student. And not one ounce of regret as I indulge in everything that means. Sleeping in, lots of sweets, shopping, no work, no school, only fun. Tonight I'm up late (probably because I slept too late into the morning afternoon). The fireplace and Christmas lights are on. I'm bundled in my Grandma's quilts. And the gentle snores of Truffles nearby combined with the tick-tock of the clock above the mantle make it easy to wish nights would stay like this forever.

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