Sunday, January 12, 2014


Valentine's day 2011 at the Lakers game. Such babies.
I don't go crazy over New Year's resolutions. I think because I'm a goal person anyways, I make them all year long so I don't ever wait for the new year to start something. But this year, I asked for Christian and I to come up with three resolutions for each other. I just wanted to know how to love him better. (And they are not necessarily things we haven't been doing, but things we feel are most important to us). So hopefully next year we'll be able to look back and confidently see how we've sought these things for one another.

His (by me)

1. Lead us towards Christ
2. Study the Word with me
3. Affirm me in company

Hers (by C)

1. Spend time with me and my friends
2. Communicate with me
3. Share the small details of your life

Now for your amusement, the first picture we ever had together. 17 and a little awkward. Don't mind the helmets ;)

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