Monday, April 7, 2014


I've needed him a lot lately. I mean I always need him, but with the uncertainty of my family situation I've really needed him. His strength, and his graciousness. And he excels in every good and kind characteristic a human being could have. So I've been in awe lately of how well he loves. Newfound fears and doubts of questioning the realness of loyalty have consequentially, clouded my thoughts. But Christian, in all gentleness, reminds me of truth. Points me back to the Word. And without the need for many words, exemplifies the steadfast love and security of Jesus. You are my best, C. And I love love love you.

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  1. Cam, you're the greatest. Thanks for writing and believing even when it's hard. You inspire me endlessly and I love you more than words can say. Xoxoxoxo