Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It's happening my friends. GRADUATION. T-minus 10 days. So we did the only practical thing to do before having an "am I seriously about to be a real adult?" breakdown... senior portraits. Veronica and I grabbed our cameras and decided to snap something worth putting on an announcement card. Of which I now have 20 sitting in my room, unaddressed and unstamped. I'll get to it.

These are the reminiscing times. The hours scrolling through freshman year move-in photos, when we were oblivious that we still really had no responsibilities yet. They were perfect years. I mean, not in the slightest bit actually perfect in comparison to the definition perfect. But perfect for me. The homesick nights, the roommate drama, the long-distance relationship, consuming stress of an RA life, and the classes I should have worked harder in. Perfect for me. Because it means that I was learning to trust Jesus more, and learning the art of forgiveness. And in reality the good far outweighs the bad in these past 4 years. So I have nothing but thankfulness and gratitude to have lived the college dream life. And in honor of all things I love, a bullet point list of a just a few of my favorite moments from these years:

- Freshmen orientation week: My roomies and I were THE most typical, excited, and outgoing freshmen. Everyone we met was our new best friend. And I can't remember the last time I had so many experiences in so short a time. We were on top of the world. 

- Football games: Of course. Our entire goal of the games was to be front row in the stands to get on the jumbotron as many times as possible. That's not even an exaggeration. 

- Christmastime on campus: I love everything about it. 

- Phantom of the Opera: My first show here at school. This changed everything for me.

- Prayer Leader, to Spiritual Life Director, to Resident Assistant: Every leadership position stretched me beyond what I thought possible. And I can't imagine my years without these experiences, and the girls I worked with who mentored, challenged, and loved me. 

- My first apartment! 

- FRIENDS: There is nothing like living on a hall with 75 other girls. You become friends with people "just because." It's the most wonderful thing, I think. And whether or not you grow close, you've still been loved by more people than you can count in the end of those 4 years. That's what I'll miss most.

- Christian: My love. These years, with him here, is just a priceless thing. 

I would do it all over again.


  1. Aw this makes me miss college! It really does fly by... Love your dress. The coral necklace gives it the perfect pop. Happy Graduation!

    xo, Bekka
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  2. Beautiful necklace. :)

  3. Yay! Congrats on the graduation! You are too cute girl! Loving your outfit!
    xo TJ

  4. Congratulations! Thanks so much for stopping by EPWL!


  5. Congrats on your graduation! Such an exciting time and kind of brings me back to my own college years! They really are a special time :) Cheers!