Friday, April 4, 2014


How much I love this little one is no surprise to me. I knew I would fall in love with her, no matter who she was or what she looked like, because well, I love every baby I've ever been in a near proximity of. But I didn't know what it would be like... to spend more hours with her than with anyone else. To wake up at 5am and not even mind because I get to be the recipient of her morning snuggles. (Which I am convinced are THE absolute best things a morning could offer). I didn't know I would miss her during the evenings. And I didn't know her perfectly sweet, soft skin could smell so wonderful it actually changes my mood. She comforts me, whether she knows it or not. But I think she knows. Because she knows me. She knows my voice and she follows my every move, watching as I tidy the nursery or pull my hair into a braid. How desperate I am to hear her giggle is amusing even to myself. I'll do just about anything, and sometimes it works. Her big, gummy smiles are constant now, to even just a glance I may give her. But her giggles are rarities. Perhaps because she is still so little, but I also think she keeps them in just so that she can have the enjoyment of me jumping up and down at even a tease of laugh. She has my heart. If it wasn't obvious already. 

The life of a nanny is wonderful, as I've discovered. More so with Little S than with anyone before. She has loving parents, who are kind and generous. And even though I know it's hard for them to be away from her, I am also just as thankful that I get to be the one to keep her and love her while they are away. 

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  1. This post was so sweet! I love babysitting and being a nanny is something I have always wanted to do!