Tuesday, July 22, 2014


As per usual. (as lame as it is) my blogging has suffered over a month's worth of silence. Worst. I know. But I'll tell you, this time it's because life is busy in a lot of good ways. Post-grad life has been treating me overwhelmingly well so far, and to be honest all of those fears of graduating and entering the "real world" have yet to spark a torch. SO, in the spirit of the best is yet to come: cheers to being 22 and a travel filled summer. Also... 5 things. 

1. Trying, as in for the first time and still struggling, to join the lipstick brigade. After watching way too many beauty youtube tutorials I did my own version of a drugstore makeup haul. I'll let you know what comes of it.

2. CLT-LAKE TILLERY-CLT-GREENVILLE-SAN FRAN-CLT-LAKE TILLERY-LYNCHBURG-LAKE TILLERY-VA BEACH- LYNCHBURG. The traveling sequence of my weekends. I've actually loved Lynchburg in the summer, I mean I've only been here two weekends, but my weekdays are spent here for work. And with roomies at the apartment, it's been 0% lonely, and actually feeling like a summer vacation. Dreams I know.

3. Leaving tonight to pack up for a week at the beach with Christian and his family. *cue the awwws* and actually *cue the applause* please because after all these years we get to family vacation togeth. And regardless of where we're going I get C for 5 days straight, so for a QT girl like me... it's Christmas. For five days. (Insert emoji with the hearts for eyes).  

4. Little Mermaid rehearsals start in about 2 weeks. Crazy. I can't wait mixed with a side of nervy. But mostly I can't wait. I haven't danced since our last show of Mary Poppins and I'm ready to be back in the studio. 

5. I just started using a PMD (!!!). I'm 2 weeks in and so far so good. I probably won't be able to see visible results until I progress to a more abrasive disk, but when I know if it's life-changing. You'll know. I'm already raving about it and I'm basically still on training wheels. 


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  1. Actually squealed when I got your posts in my inbox yesterday. You're baaacckkk! Don't stop again ever ok thanks.