Tuesday, July 22, 2014


San Francisco was every bit as dreamy as you'd imagine. The weather was perfect, the scenery was perfect, and the adventure alongside my sister was perfect. These are just a few of the hundreds of pictures from the week. I'd go back, for sure. Traveling across the country with a baby was, to say the least, a serious show me what you're made of experience. [Oh yea, guys I went to San Fran to bring Scottie to see her Dad who is working on a long-term project out there], so it was a work trip. L oh el. But seriously, you never think about how a mom is supposed to use the bathroom when she is alone with a baby in an airport and has no where to set the baby down. You improvise. Like serious: you do what you gotta do: improvise. And the other moms you pass walking around the terminal smile at each other. It's like an unknown signal to give a, "you can do this"
 slash "I feel your pain" kind of smile to each other. All in all though, Scottie was a rockstar traveler. And I just checked "Fly cross country with a 7-month-old" off my Becoming Superwoman checklist. Holla. 

But really, if you have the chance to go, GO. Also please take a GOCar tour. It was one of the funniest and exhilarating things I've done. And who doesn't want to wear a helmet and cruise around the city with no doors or windows? 


  1. Looks gorgeous there! And it looks like you rocked it with a 7 month old!! :)