Wednesday, July 30, 2014


You know those days when you just can't get it together? Not like a locking your keys in the car kind of day. Or like a burned dinner smoke alarm becomes your evening music kind of day. More like you just woke up tired, went to work tired, and spent the day a little sad. Now I absolutely have some luxuries as a nanny, one of which is an occasional nap I can sneak in if Little S decides to sleep. I try not to really, since I feel guilty being paid to sleep. So normally I'll fold laundry, or get her lunch ready, or at least check e-mails for something productive. But not today. Because it was one of those days. So I slept and slept. And then I felt better. And the day wasn't so bad, until I remembered how much I missed C. Or how I wish my sister could hurry and come back to Lynchy, and for rehearsals to finally start to get me back on the busy grind. So enough was enough and I sat Scottie in her stroller and we walked down to our favorite cafe a few blocks down. And I had an iced vanilla latte and a cappuccino brownie, and things were good. The sun was out and we were good. 

Maybe it's being a girl, I don't know. Or maybe it's the end of summer blues mixed with a dose of real world worries. Either way that latte got me through. So here's to tomorrow... not being one of those days. Cheers.


  1. I hate those days. The ones where you wake up and your entire day feels off, and nothing you seem to do gets you back to a happy place.

    Those days are awful., So here's to today not being that way for you.

    Ps. You should totally get rid of needing capcha to comment on your blog.

    1. Kathryn! Hey girl!

      Thanks for telling me, I had no idea it was on! I think I've taken care of it now :)