Saturday, August 2, 2014


First of all, I know what you're thinking. It's Saturday. And actually it's only 30 minutes til' Sunday. So a Funny & Friday doesn't make sense. But here's what I say, who's counting? Or keeping score? Or anything? Exactly.


-Ok so I'm a little self-conscience in always calling this list "funny," because what if I'm the only one who thinks it's funny and then it's just super embarrassing... but since I literally can't think of any other word [that's appropriate] that starts with an F to go with my "Fab Friday" part, it's staying for now. So just giggle, or smile, or something. K thanks.
- I'm feeling a little over prepared for motherhood right now. Yes, that's what I said. And I'm not saying this to be the nanny that thinks she knows everything. I'm saying this because Scottie right now has been on a streak for the last month of having blowout diapers that send both of us to the bathtub. I know. It's like way too much. And I'm becoming way too comfortable with cleaning up all of that mess all the time from all things in the vicinity at the time the act happened. All the time
- OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. Today I was running out the door to check off some errands. [And by running out the door I mean I'd spent all day until 3pm inside... watching The Office, eating donuts, and drinking coffee. And just finally had the courage to get up and do something]. So I was down at my car, holding a bunch of things while digging through my purse. No keys. So I think to myself, my roomie's out of town and my other roomie is maybe at work or maybe with her bf or maybe not even coming back today. "Gee whiz" is what I didn't say btw. So I'm stuck. I ran back upstairs praying I'd forgotten to lock the door. Then I texted all parties. No response. So I did what any other person would do in this situation. I first, thought about calling the police to let me in. And then, I pulled out a bobbi pin from my purse and became a Bond Girl. Maybe 1 minute goes by... BAM. I'M IN. I LITERALLY BROKE INTO MY OWN APT WITH A BOBBI PIN. Let that sink in, K... of course now we'll all be dead bolting the crap out of that door because the ease of that was not comforting to any of us. But still. Letting that fan blow the wind in my hair for one more minute. Also, I called C to tell him and all he kept say was "Wow you're amazing" "That's so sexy" "I love you so much." So I mean, I just let him ;)

- I unlocked my apt door with a bobbi pin. *See above story.*
- Uncle Joes Donuts. YOU GUYS. These are amazefest. I can't even tell you. Homemade everyday. So good I die. They're hours are weird so I'm usually too early or too late to pick any up during the week. But not this morning. Half a dozen to last me the next few days. They got me out of bed this morning. [Before I came back to spend the rest of the day watching The Office; as originally stated]. 
- I was in Wal-Mart the other day, walking out of the store after just having checked out. I meet eyes with another cashier lady and smile. Well not really, it was more of a half smile. A polite smile. You would have thought I saved puppies for a living. She called out to me thanking me for the smile. That the whole place filled with joy because of it. She wished more people would smile like that. And I laughed. Because I hadn't even thought I'd really smiled. But I realized that, you know what, I need to smile more on purpose then. To strangers that is. Because what an un-purposeful smile did for her means a purposeful smile can do that much more. *Cheesefest over here.*

it's definitely sunday now. 


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