Friday, October 3, 2014



As someone who's always loved clothes and fashion, even I had to sit down one day and figure out how I would actually define my style. Especially in this new age of distinct groups: hipster, preppy, edgy, classic, etc etc. I mean where did I fit in? And here's the thing... I don't really! Not into only one category that is. Although I lean on the preppier side, I dress up like a "classic" and head into fall with a sprinkle of "hipster." I had to realize that it's OK to mix and dip my toes in various styles to create what really felt like me. And now that Pinterest exists, I feel like defining your style became that much easier. So here we go:

Today is my third post in a 31 days series about Fashion & Beauty 101.
  • CREATE A FASHION PINBOARD. Anytime I'm on Pinterest I end up pinning a few outfit pins, just to keep myself updated. And the latest trends and new products are always first on Pinterest. A few of my favorite people to follow are: 
          Stephanie Sterjovski
          Kendi Everyday
          Lauren Conrad
  • MAKE NOTE OF THEMES. As you can see above, I gravitate towards a lot of white ((probably too much lol)), as well as bold statement necklaces. In general I define my style as light, airy, and feminine. [Of course this is the remnants of a summer, so darker colors and more patterns will start filling my wardrobe as the weather cools down]. Knowing what you like will make shopping easier. And in scrolling through your board it will become clear what your personal style consists of. Also, take a look at your closet as it is now... what colors/patterns/brands make up your wardrobe? What does that indicate about your style?
  • CHOOSE STYLE ICONS. I have a few girls that I admire, who I consistently check up on Instagram or Blogs to see what they've been wearing. Even a few close friends who I use as guides for outfit inspiration. Or just to snapchat for fashion advice ;)
  • WRITE OUT YOUR DEFINITION. Sometimes having to think of words that describe yourself, or the type of clothes you like, makes you work through what it is that you want to accomplish through what you wear. I mentioned my style as being "light, airy, and feminine," and these are all words that I feel ((in some ways)) encapsulate my personality, and flow through in what I wear.
Tomorrow we're going BACK to your closet. It's the best place to start. Go back to go forward, amiright? 


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  1. I love this series you are doing! Also I totally use pinterest to help with my style. It is my biggest ali!