Monday, October 6, 2014


Today is my fourth post in a 31 days series about Fashion & Beauty 101.
"I literally have nothing to wear" - every girl, every day. I absolutely include myself in that category, but I've learned something about being a broke college post grad girl... "I literally have no money" is way more detrimental (and way more realistic) than looking at my full closet and saying I have nothing to wear. SO, you make it work. And I actually think it's the very best thing for anyone beginning a FASHION 101 hack. 
  • Staples
    • Jeans. A great pair of skinnies that fit you in all the right places. 
    • LBD. Little black dress.
    • Graphic T.
    • Embellished tops.  
    • Flats/Sandals/Black pumps/Booties.
    • Lightweight jacket. Army green is everything right now.
    • Statement necklaces. (Yes, actually a staple these days).
Everyone has their own version of their "staple" pieces. Find out what yours are, or use mine as a guide if you need. But like I said yesterday, your closet is your foundation and everything you need to start is right there. A challenge that I want to try is the 30 outfits in 30 days, using a handful of key pieces. To remind myself that what I already have is good. And I can be creative in that, because new isn't always better.

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