Thursday, January 3, 2013

- It's fine that I've been sleeping in til' noon all week
- It's fine that my lady lumps feel like rocks right now because mother nature is on her way to visit
- And it's fine that I just called my boobs lady lumps
- It's fine that my sister and I have watched countless episodes of Gossip Girl over break
- It's fine that I'm literally dreading having to go back to school... to responsibilities, work, and no comfy home or cooked meals
- It's fine that I just pinned a handful of delicious looking food on Pinterest
- Which makes it also fine that I just snuck downstairs to grab a string cheese and am currently munching on it in bed
- It's fine that I've been way too lazy then I want to admit and have avoided being productive in every. sense. of. the. word
- It's fine that my coping ability consists of mental denial and refusing to believe that I need to buy school books, return e-mails, clean, pack, and work out
- It's fine that I'm a broke college student who has become accustomed to the "overdraft alert" e-mail
-It's fine that right now, {I'm gonna pretend like} all of the above is truly just fine

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