Friday, May 10, 2013


Last Sunday we snuck away from exam studying to watch a home game. C is a big baseball fan (ok, let's be honest he's a huge "anything sports" fan). So with him as my play-by-play explainer it was so much fun. Already looking forward to next year when we'll have time to do this more, not having any leadership responsibilities. Christian promises he'll take me to a Yankees game soon, his favorite team... and by default mine as well I guess ;)

So in the spirit we ended up having an unusually adventurous date night last night at the batting cages. I was honestly terrified going in, I mean it seems dangerous! And considering I'm an all-out dancer and a never-ever sports girl I don't ever know what I'm doing with any type of ball, bat, or racket. BUT, to everyone's surprise I happened to hit the bootay out of those little suckers. Hidden talents 101 right here.

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  1. Going to the batting cages is one of my favorite things to do! I played softball growing up. That is such an awesome idea for a date!