Wednesday, September 25, 2013


3 of my favorite things about being a Nanny. Specifically for my new family of four precious little girls:

1) Taking walks while the weather is still nice. Their neighborhood is absolutely stunning, so I unashamedly day dream of being so lucky as to live in a place like they do one day as a Mom with my own babies. Also, some mornings I get just the baby all to myself and I'm in heaven with her scrumptious cheeks, tiny fingers, and cooing. I could hold her all day.

2. After dinner dance parties. These babes have mad dance moves. But they weren't sure how to take me when I had a hardcore lip-sync sesh when Wrecking Ball came one. They stood and stared. So. We're still working on that...

3. Jammie Time. Cute and fresh from the bath these girls are cuddlier than ever. So we curl up on the couch and watch TV before teeth brushing and book reading. I just get to reminisce about when me and my sisters were their age still loving Polly Pockets and Barnie and not needing anything but each other. And I tell them, "You girls are the luckiest to be sisters." "We know," they say.

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