Monday, September 30, 2013


A list from my absolute favorite, Sydni.

Making : room for boots, sweaters, scarves, and the loveliest new jewelry collection.
Cooking : pumpkin bread. loaves and loaves because that's all I seem to be craving these days. tis' the season right?
Drinking : iced caramel macchiatos like it's my job because I am one (just ONE) star away from being a Starbucks gold card member. I've almost made it to the cool club people.
Reading: James. well, just starting it. but after an incredibly revealing and perspective changing study in 2 Peter this month i'm more than expectant to hear God speak through this particular book of His.
Wanting: the weekend to be here because it's Fall Break... and HAYDEN IS COMING!
Looking: for the perfect new utility jacket. ideas anyone?
Playing: catch up on all of my homework since being gone all weekend for April's wedding. oy vey.
Wasting: no time here though. blogging before h/w. I should do a session on priorities 101 you guys.
Sewing: nothing. over it.
Wishing: I was in Cali with my rents. as they sail to Catalina island having the time of their lives. KEWL.
Enjoying: a little peace and quiet tonight. sometimes you need it ya know?
Waiting: to be an incredible photographer already. I just wanna be awe-someee.
Liking: the cheeseball excitement I have thinking about flipping the page of my Rifle Paper Company calendar to October. OHEMGEE. October?!???
Wondering: what I will be doing a year from now. because after graduation I have no earthly idea where i'll be. so i'm actually way curious.
Loving: the new workout leggings from Target. I just wanna wear them all day every day. the struggle.
 Hoping: that this test tomorrow won't be miserable
Marvelling: at how blessed I am right now. I think about it often and I don't want to ever get over the feeling of being overwhelmed by Jesus.
Needing: JESUS. always.
Smelling: fresh laundry. yummerz.
Wearing: my fave lacy jamies and a wet braid. this girl is not about the early morning life so getting up earlier to take a shower isn't worth it these days.
Following: MM & L Show on youtube like always cuz i'm obsessed with them.
Noticing: a fresh crispness in the air. hi fall.
Knowing: that I need to be in bed right now.
Thinking: about my busy day tomorrow.
Feeling: tired. but inspired to do a million things right before bed. why is that always the case?
Bookmarking: wedding photographers. it's like my guilty pleasure.
Opening: my journal. one of the best things ever is to look and see what I wrote on this night last year. I guess I have this thing for seeing growth and change and how it all unfolds a.k.a seeing God's perfect plan come to fruition in my unknowing and often nieve mind.
Giggling: over the music videos Hayden and I made late lastnight. our primetime.
Feeling: content.