Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Besides being SO excited for your dear friend and realizing these moments are the moments you've both been dreaming of your whole lives. (I mean countless hours at sleepovers were dedicated solely to this subject. And so worth it). Being a bridesmaid isn't just tagging along for the ride...

You have to be a voice of reason and positivity when the wait for Cheesecake Factory is 4-hours. You have to then leave all reason aside later that night when everyone decides it's a good idea to celebrate with shots that taste like cinnamon and burn all the way down. And you have to scream and laugh and jump and cheers to the Bride's last days of singleness. You have to hold a pink party and buy lingerie and plan silly games that make everyone a little uneasy. You also have to find time to live in between, when your life is suddenly all about this wedding life that isn't even yours.
You have to do what your told and practice when to walk, where to stand, how to shield the Bride with a sheet so no one sees her until it's time. You have get up early and hug your friend asking if she slept at all the night before. You get to eat brunch and tell stories. You get to prop up mirrors on the floor and create a mini salon to do hair, make-up, and anything else others might need. You have to get dressed, and get anxious to finally see her in her gown. You get to squeeze her hand as she starts to cry because she sees her daddy. And you get to be calm and kind when she has a moment of panic about a silly little thing. You get to stand beside her as she says her vows, and makes a covenant with the man she loves. And you get to dance dance danceeee everything you have out on the dance floor before hugging her one last time, knowing her life will never be the same. In the best way.
But mostly... before, during, and after it all you get to love her. And cherish her friendship. And promise that you will support her through her next season, knowing that one day she'll get to be there for you in these ways.

Because being a bridesmaid is more than just being there for the party, and being a friend is more than just loving in the good times.

Sorry for the emotion-fest overload you guys ;)


  1. This is thee sweetest thing!! You sound like such an amazing friend & it sounds like you had a great time together :) Thanks for sharing this! xo!!

    1. Shio! Thank you :) And thank you for stopping by, I'm a big fan of your blog!!!