Thursday, October 3, 2013


I was trying to photograph my new necklace when I looked up and saw that I was comfortably crouching like Spiderman. Casual. Also, those are the workout leggings I'm obsessing over. Also also, you can see a glimpse of my sweet little side of the room! We haven't figured out where to hang this mirror... as it so conveniently leans against the window next to the bathroom. It's a work in progress you guys.

But to the real point: I spent way too much on groceries today. Oops. But Hayden is coming tomorrow (TOMORROW! AND SHE'S BRINGING MACIE AND I'VE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS), and I wanted to have her favorite things and have some delicious foods to make while she's here. So I had to? I think it was the shrimp that got me. Those little things are expensive. And don't even tell me that I could save a few bucks and buy them with the shells and their *cough gag squint* feetsies still on. Because that's not an option. Not until I'm married and my husband can be the official de-whatevertheycallit of the shrimp. (end rant).

I'll have leftovers for weeks which is good, and even though I'm trying to convince myself that it's OK that I went over budget I don't really need to. Because I've already made up my mind it was worth it. So there there Cami. Get over it. You're over it. Ta-da.

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